1978–1998  Ulm, Germany: I grew up with many plates of Swabian food

1998–2003  Europe: Studies at various universities in Europe.

2003–2004  Sydney, Australia: Master in International Studies, University of Sydney

2005–2012  Six enriching years of employment at Carl Zeiss Vision

2012–2013  Bra, Italy: Master in Food Studies, Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche

2013–2014  Working in kitchens and at cooking schools at home and abroad

2014–2015  Purchasing and selling of regional artisanal products, international delicacies and spices

2013–2015  Certified NLP Master: Life-Coaching

Since 2016  Nutrition degree

Since 2017  Certificates in:





Food and Health, Stanford University, USA
The New Nordic Diet – from Gastronomy to Health, University of Copenhagen, Dänemark
Global Health, Yale University, USA
Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions, University of Pennsylvania, USA
seit 2017/ Mitglied bei Toastmasters


My culinary friends Delicacies from the Alps right in the middle of Berlin. I had the opportunity of working for Karin for one month in the summer of 2014 and fully appreciate all I learned from her. Mmh, spicy. If you love spices and hot food and dont mind to travel to Malaysia, then please visit Nazlina. I loved it there. Marc made the beautiful pictures of me.