Individual Food-Coaching

Boredom reigns in your kitchen. You often cook the same dishes and somehow everything tastes the same. You have gained some weight or you feel physically drained. We’ll go shopping together and cook something delicious to change that. Food and well-being are so tightly intertwined – a change in your eating habits could mean a change in your entire outlook on life. 

Some examples of food-coaching sessions:
Do you often cook with Italian or French herbs and spices but long to try out Korean dishes and cooking techniques? I’d love to show you how to cook romana or how to marinate pork belly in sesame oil and spices.

If you want to get fitter again, then we can examine what needs to change so that you can leap into springtime – perhaps with superfoods from all over the world or specially selected ones from our local surrounds.


Example meal plan for addressing tiredness and fatigue: 

Breakfast: A bowl of my own special cereal mix with walnuts and sunflower seeds.
Lunch: Power soup with chicken, shiitake mushrooms and my favourite winter vegetable, cabbage.
Supper: Fresh sourdough bread with avocado, sprouts and some purslane.  


I am happy to create individual packages for singles, couples or families.

Price: Starting at 80 Euro per hour (excluding material and travel expenses).